ASA PEEL Diamond: A peeling device to perform a gentle diamond-microdermabrasion
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Asa Peel - Diamond-Microdermabrasion

Power-Peeling for a more even complexion

Scope of application:

blemishes, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks

Product description:

Diamond dermabrasion, also known as crystal-free micro-dermabrasion is a skin renewal treatment performed with diamond treatment heads. The application acts like a power peeling and thoroughly removes dead cells of the upper skin layer.

  • Gentle and effective power peeling
  • Optimum preparation for the skin care to be applied
  • Removal of dirt particles and dead skin cells

How does Asa Peel diamond microdermabrasion work?

Diamond-microdermabrasion is a mechanical peeling procedure. The provided strong profiled diamond-microdermabrasion tips and the vacuum regulator enable an optimal adjustment to all skin types and allow a complete treatment of different skin areas such as face, neck and décolleté. As a purely mechanical peeling device, Asa Peel performs the peeling process without any chemical additives.

Diamond-dermabrasion is a gentle way to exfoliate skin

If the diamond-tipped hand piece is led across the skin with the correct technique, the peeling device ensures a smooth and gentle abrasion of the uppermost skin layer. The generated vacuum supports the cleaning process by sucking off the detached dirt and skin particles.

Peeling with benefits

During the peeling process, Asa Peel does not only remove impurities and dead skin cells, but it also stimulates deep-lying skin layers by its generated vacuum in a positive way. This led to the activations of important skin metabolism processes, which are responsible for cell regeneration and the skin’s own collagen and elastin production. No matter what particular treatment goal has been set - microdermabrasion does always have a noticeably positive effect immediately after the first treatment: The treated skin may better absorb active ingredients and the skin feels softer and appears firmer.

Diamond-abrasion as a preparation for the skin care that follows

The diamond-abrasion cleans deeply the pores and therefore is perfect suitable as a preceding treatment for the professional skin care routine that follows. Active ingredients that are used immediately after the abrasion may go deeper into the skin and as a result can have a greater effect. Dirt particles and dead skin cells are no longer inhibit the absorption of the active ingredients.

A painless peeling treatment

The peeling procedure is completely painless, since the diamond-microdermabrasion does only remove the uppermost skin layer. Nevertheless the peeling may result in increased skin sensitivity and may cause a slightly reddened skin. Beside that it is possible, that because of the more effective impact of the active ingredients, a light burning could be felt.

The professional diamond-microdermabrasion device and its correct handling

Both the complete treatment cycle and the time interval between each treatment depend on the patient’s skin condition and skin type. After each treatment it is highly necessary to protect the sensitive skin from potential irritating sources such as increased UV radiation. Carefully selected skin care products may support and accelerate the skin regeneration process. In addition it is crucial to clean and disinfect the used diamond-tips thoroughly after each usage.

Health Cosmeticals will prepare your as an cosmetician to use Asa Peel Diamond-Microdermabrasion correctly.

You will learn…

  • ...the full application spectrum of Asa Peel Diamond-Microdermabrasion
  • perform mechanical peeling in a professional and correct way
  • ...further effective therapies and treatments which can be combined to improve the treatment’s result.
  • ...all contrary indicators that have to be considered
  • ...more about active ingredients and skin care products, that are highly recommended to use in combination with Asa Peel Diamond-Microdermabrasion