HC Geräte

Asa Peel Micro-Dermabrasion
Firmer, more youthful looking skin through MICRO-DERMABRASION

Scope of application:

impure skin, scars raised above the surrounding area, small wrinkles, stretch marks

Product description:

ASA PEEL® MICRO-DERMABRASION is an extremely gentle, effective, but non-invasive treatment method. Tiny micro crystals are rooted through a closed circuit onto the skin via a vacuum system. Dead skin cells are thereby gently exfoliated, layer by layer. After an ASA PEEL® Micro-dermabrasion treatment, active ingredients can again be easily absorbed by the skin, unfolding their stimulating effect in the deeper skin layers. Depending on the skin condition, first signs of improvement can already be seen after only a few treatments.

  • Silky skin feel
  • Fresh complexion
  • Gentle and effective power peeling