Chemical peel against acne and blemished skin

Product no: HC530
Quantity: 5x8 ml

Product description:

The ACID PEEL Acne counteracts excessive hornification of the skin. Removes blemishes effectively and regulates the sebum production. At the same time, it has an antibacterial and slightly lightening effect. Ideal for fatty, large-pored, blem-ished and acne skin.

  • Antibacterial
  • Pore refining
  • Antioxidant

Series description:

Peelings are effective in the treatment of a variety of skin problems without medical help. Relieving sun-induced damage, softening pigmentation spots and surface acne scars or firming the skin – our new chemical peelings with fruit acid basis are applied on the skin by the beautician to refine and smooth the skin. Fruit acid stimulates the skin to regene-rate faster and better. The skin looks noticeably fresher and feels smoother to the touch. Fruit acid also boosts the collagen production and small wrinkles and pigmentation spots are softened. Acne patients can enjoy refined pores, clearer skin and faded acne scars.