HEALTH COSMETICALS GmbH was founded in 2009. Gerhard Klapp, an internationally renowned beauty, anti-aging and wellness expert who has proven his expertise in high-tech beauty for over 30 years, has been promoting the company since its foundation.

Clinical Care

Achieve incredible results with the unqiue active ingredients from Clinical Care.

HC Devices

Professional devices support treatments in a highly innovative and effective way to achieve best results.


This innovative cosmetic line is based on the cell research of telomerase (the enzyme of the nucleus) - often referred to as the enzyme of youth. Awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2009.


Our new chemical peelings with fruit acid basis are applied on the skin by the beautician to refine and smooth the skin.

Cosmetic Novelties

From conventional over apparative cosmetics to technologically based treatment concepts

Health Cosmeticals sets the course for the cosmetic upswing and enriches your beauty salon or institute with innovative products. We provide ingenious cosmetic treatment concepts that tackle a wide variety of application fields and problem areas effectively as well as highly efficiently. The focus is set particularly on new device-based technologies (apparative cosmetics) which are often superior to conventionally oriented cosmetic treatment methods or which can support them in an effective manner. We always consider all aspects of conventional skin care, new cosmetic trends and apparative cosmetics to ultimately create a perfectly balanced treatment concept for every application, so that your customer is as satisfied as possible. All of our self-developed skin care products are also derived from this approach and aimed at the optimal cosmetic treatment success.

Training, marketing strategies and advice for your success

We want to pass on our insights and knowledge to you, so that your customers can experience the cosmetic progress as best as possible and reap the benefits from it. With extensive training and counseling options, Health Cosmeticals teaches you the professional way of handling apparative cosmetics and can expand your knowledge in terms of modern treatment methods. In addition to that, we also support you with our experience in financing and marketing matters.